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Why Product Management?

I knew I wanted to be in tech since I was 10. Luckily, I grew up in a household that encouraged problem-solving — from fixing appliances to making my own toys. My dad worked in sales and my mum was into arts and applied sciences, so I got a childhood at the intersection of Business, Experience and Technology (BXT). This is my first passion: solving problems.

At UCLA, I joined ACM, the computer science club. I became the president in my junior year and reinvigorated the club, taking it from 20 to 200 members. Leading 12 club officers to host over a hundred events in a year gave the computing majors a sense of community. This became my second passion: leading teams to do great things.

These two passions got me an internship at Microsoft. I worked in the rebel group making delightful apps for Apple and grew into an advocate for craftsmanship and UX. This developed into my third passion, nurtured by my manager, Han-yi. What had been a dormant appreciation for the arts (thanks mum), became a differentiating tenet in my work.

I chose to do product management because it fulfil my three passions: problem-solving, design and leading teams.


My entire post-college decade has been spent doing product management for Microsoft Office apps on iOS and macOS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote). I also contributed to the Surface Neo and Duo software and incubate an AR+VR productivity experience. Some of this work got some attention: