A Book Day

Or how I get lost in a book and ignore the world. Written on March 29, 2015.

If you read books, if you are passionate about them, then you have had it too. Just like normal people have a sleep-in day, a bad-hair day (I am told these are not intentional), I have book days. You know that day when you wake up and know that nothing but the feel of a thick book in your hands and hours of reading can satisfy you? Yeah, that day. I am pretty sure my fellow bookworms (bibliophiles for posh people) have them too.

There are generally three requirements for a book day:

The last one can be replaced by 'not giving a damn' or 'not having a conscience', which I usually end up doing.

The reason for my most recent book day was Frank Herbert's 'Dune' (Brandon Sanderson, Jim Butcher and Patrick Rothfuss's works have been guilty too) which I devoured while plonked upon a mountain of cushions. How does a typical devouring session go? Assuming I am done with breakfast, I will spend about 10-12 hours reading during which I valiantly (stupidly?) ignore my parched throat, my stomach's grumbles for grub and the curses of my shoulders and sides thanks to the multitude of Yoga-like postures I tend to adopt. Of course, it gets worse when the book in question is a page-turner, so the reading session functions as a workout as well.

Just like a boombox in an anechoic chamber, when a book is in my hands, it commands all my attention, everything but the text is out of focus. Call it myopia if you like, I think of it as passion. How do your reading days go? Do you just sit at a desk monotonously or do you change positions like a mad monkey? Do you focus on one book at a time or switch between multiple?